Paola: “Gine mazi mou ena”, new cd


Music: Κυριάκος Παπαδόπουλος – Lyrics: Ilias Filippou

She has been characterized as a phenomenon for the crowd to her live appearances. Unconventional and eccentric while performing on stage. And above all, great authentic folk voice…

Paola launches cooperation with her new label Heaven music and her brand new album «Be ONE with me”,signed by the composer Kyriakos Papadopoulos and lyricist Ilias Filippou.

“In this business we had with us to” dress” with her voice our songs, the best folk song has to present today: PAOLA who has both voice and generally presence.”say both in their note.

Eleven folk songs -without of course missing the surprises- which fit with harmony, creating a comprehensive record work to absorb from the first hearing.

With the songs “goal”, “liar” and “Please leave me quiet” have already created the best impression for the final result, the new album of Paola without a doubt, is expected to become ”ONE” with big success!