Nikos Vertis


After our last collaboration and the successful platinum album ”Mono gia sena” in 2007 we meet again with Nikos Vertis for a very special album but also collaborate with a remarkable composer and friend of mine Antonis Vardis.

Giving our passion,love and soul to these songs we walked to other paths and gave a different view as to the arrangement,melody,lyrics and performance.

Nikos Vertis is coming back after two years with an amazing album full of hits like those which we were used to love by him and
songs which have canonized him.

”Eimai mazi soy” includes the homonym love song composed by Kyriakos Papadopoulos and written by Hlias Filipou which you can listen to many radiostations.You can find at the same album many songs full of emotions such as the amazing duet”Emeis oi dio teriazoume” with the fantastic singer-performer from Israel Sarit Hadad and lyrics by Vassilis Gianopoulos and David Zigman.

Also included -”den me skeftese” written by my friend Hlias Filipou,with a differnt view in rythem.
-”oso tha anapneo” dance song lyrics Hlias Fillipou

Two love songs different for Nikos Vertis
-”poso s’agapo” lyrics by George Tsopanis
-”an eisai ena asteri” lyrics by George Tsopanis

Album ”Eimai mazi sou” has been released by Universal music.

Maria Iakovou: «Pos Antexeis», new single


Kyriakos Papadopoulos, already well-known from his numerous great hits he has composed for most of distinguished Greek artists, started collaborating with Maria Iakovou on her first album “Mavra Mesanichta”, from which the title song became huge hit and remained at the top of radio charts for several months. Since then, they came up with several more radio hits, such as “Pali den eisai edo”, “Chanome”, ”Gia sena anaseno”, “Ante geia” etc. Staying faithful to their successful collaboration, they just released a brand new single, titled “Pos antexeis”, lyrics by Ilias Filippou.”Pos antexeis”is the hit of this summer and really special when played on all radio stations of the country.
Released by Universal Music