Kyriakos Papadopoulos was born in Athens on August 18th,in 1971. He realized early, his love and passion for music and became his life’s dream.


Kyriakos started taking music lessons from the age of 9 and continued his studies on film scoring and composition.In 1988 he started working as a musician.



Since 1995, he is working professionally as a composer,musician and producer. In 1995 he realeased his first song “stasou” performed by Stamatis Gonidis and became an immediate hit. After that his career took off!The results were a lot of co-operations and lots of hits with many talented singers such as:

  • Stamatis Gonidis
  • Nikos Kourkoulis
  • Pashalis Terzis
  • Giannis Ploutarxos
  • Natassa Theodoridou
  • Antonis Remos
  • Anna Vissi
  • Giannis Vardis
  • Peggy Zina
  • Nikos Vertis
  • Giorgos Margaritis
  • Giorgos Ntalaras
  • Dimitris Mpasis
  • Katerina Stanisi
  • Angela Dimitriou
  • Giannis Kotsiras and many more…

International hits…

Many of his songs have been addapted and have become big hits! In Turkey performed by Ferhat Gocer, Ozcan Deniz, Murat Basaran, Gulben Ergen, Goknur Onour. In Israel performed by Eyal Golan, Sarit Hadat. In Bulgaria performed by Toni Storaro,Theodora.


Between 1995 and 2009 he has realeased over 500 songs. He has been awarded over 50 times with gold and platinum cds.


His talent and popularity did not go unnoticed by the advertisers.In 2001 his music was heard in an ad of a beer named “alpha”.


In 2008 he composed the soundtrack for the serial “Mavra mesanyxta”which also became a hit.

On going…

Until now in his career, what his talent has displayed are his rich melodies which come deeply inside from his soul but also the differences in his sounds,rythems and the arrangement of his songs.

After 15 years in discography,many songs,ads,soundtrack and many awards Kyriakos is still at the beginning!